Since its founding in 1886, the Corps has been continuously active in the civic life of the village of Stony Creek, with its influence also reaching throughout the United States as well as internationally. Its first appearance in 1887 was a performance to dedicate the Soldiers Monument atop East Rock in New Haven, CT. Since then the Corps has appeared thousands of times, igniting the crowds as they march and play. Each year, they participate in several events within Stony Creek; march in Branford's Memorial Day and Veteran's Day parades, as well as in parades and musters throughout the Northeast and beyond.

 In 1957, the Creek represented Connecticut in President Dwight D. Eisenhower Inaugural Parade in Washington, DC.  The Corps has also made several appearances overseas. They have participated in the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland and have won First Prize at the International Band Competition in Limerick, Ireland. During its long history, the Corps has won numerous fifing and drumming awards and trophies, including six Connecticut State Fifers and Drummers Association championships. Stony Creek Fife and Drum Corps is an active non-profit organization depicting both colonial and civil war era traditions. The Corps has always been a symbol of American patriotism, and its principals and values are particularly relevant in today's uncertain world